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Zhejiang Huizheng automatic control valve parts production project was officially signed in the Development Zone on April 13, Zhejiang Huizheng automatic control valve parts production project with a total investment of 120million yuan was officially signed in the development zone

the contracted project is located in the West Port Area of the city to build an automatic control valve production line, which can produce 50000 sets of automatic control valves per year, and achieve an annual sales revenue of 60million yuan, an annual profit of 7.2 million yuan and an annual tax of 2million yuan

in order to promote the early implementation of the project, the Finance Bureau of the development zone attached great importance to it and gave full support. The main leaders did not ask for management effort. The project was launched in november2017. From March 13 to 15 this year, wangzhiyuan led a team to visit Zhejiang Huizheng automatic control valve Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, which can be used for stretching, tightening and zigzag doors of various materials such as metal and non-metal. He sought industrial cooperation and promoted the implementation of major projects. After in-depth exchanges and negotiations, the project was finally settled in the economic development zone. Wangzhiyuan has repeatedly negotiated and dispatched the settlement of the enterprise, giving the enterprise a shot of strength with his strong confidence like "spring". The person in charge of the enterprise said that they are very optimistic about the policy advantages, development trend and pragmatic and efficient work style of the economic development zone, and will further carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with the economic development zone

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