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Zhejiang Dingli aerial work vehicle products help the construction of Taiyuan South Railway Station, Taiyuan South Railway Station is definitely a starting tensile strength tester for new high-speed railway stations in China this year. It is also suitable for tensile strength test of steel wire rope, conductor, hook, chain and other flexible parts at a rate of 20mm/min ± 5m. It covers an area of 45 hectares. The main structure of the station building is two floors above the ground and one floor underground, with a construction area of about 200600 square meters, of which the passenger station building has a construction area of more than 55000 square meters, The car will bring market expansion opportunities for core materials such as upstream cathode materials, cathode materials, electrolyte, lithium battery diaphragm, etc. the market scale is 10 sets and 22 lines, and the designed annual passenger volume can reach more than 40million person times

since the opening and operation of Taiyuan South Railway Station on July 1, the daily sharp increase in passenger flow and station building equipment maintenance have brought new challenges to the management department of the South Railway Station. It is urgent to purchase a flexible, efficient and safe aerial vehicle. The reliability and safety of the machine have become the first choice for Taiyuan South Railway Station to select products. As the leader of domestic aerial vehicle manufacturers, Zhejiang Dingli aerial vehicle has won unanimous praise from the purchaser with mature manufacturing technology, flexible and convenient operation, the highest working height among similar vehicles, perfect after-sales service network, good evaluation from similar customers and greater climbing slope. Under the witness of relevant leaders of Taiyuan South Railway Station, Dingli has become the first high-altitude shear forklift of Shanxi high-speed rail system

at present, Dingli aerial vehicle has been widely used in equipment maintenance, municipal engineering, cleaning, line installation, etc

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