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Many owners believe that spring and autumn are suitable for decoration, so they will try to avoid summer when decorating, but they don't know that this is also a misunderstanding. It is understood that compared with spring and autumn seasons, the design and decoration of new houses in summer is more conducive to improving indoor air quality and reducing indoor air pollution. Correctly handling the advantages and disadvantages of summer decoration can enable owners to obtain better home decoration effect

◆ whether to install it in summer

Ms. Li, a citizen, is going to get married in the second half of this year, but the new house she bought has not been decorated in time. The question of whether to decorate a new house in summer makes Ms. Li very difficult. Many friends around me suggest that the decoration should avoid summer. They think that spring and autumn are the most suitable for the decoration of new houses. In summer, the wall is easy to deform and crack, and there will be some problems in hydropower design

I learned from several decoration companies that there are not a few owners who have the same doubts as Ms. Li. This can be directly reflected from the number of orders received. Compared with spring, the number of orders received in a month in summer is 30% less. A decoration company staff said

according to the person in charge of the decoration company, there are many advantages in summer decoration. A significant advantage of decoration in summer is that it is easy to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of materials. Formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the room will accelerate the release in summer, which is very beneficial to the quality of inspection materials. Take wooden materials as an example. If the indoor humidity exceeds 45% and the indoor temperature reaches more than 28, the formaldehyde and benzene substances in the materials will be released multiple times. The quality of harmful substances released every day is equivalent to that released in a week in winter. When releasing the smell, you can directly judge the quality of decorative materials with your nose. If harmful substances can be released for a period of time in summer, there will be no pungent smell after staying in autumn

in addition, the decoration in summer has another advantage, which avoids the clustering phenomenon of decoration in spring and autumn. The decoration can avoid the shortage of manpower, and the construction personnel will not rush and fool like the peak season

◆ grasp the two details and pretend to be satisfied with the new home

there will also be some disadvantages in summer decoration, and the owner needs to pay special attention to the two details. The first is the bricklayer. Because of the high temperature in summer, the water evaporation is relatively fast, and the home decoration materials are easy to crack, deform and even fall off, so bricklayers should pay attention to maintaining water during construction. Ms. Tang, a decoration designer in the industry, reminded that when decorating, the tiles should be soaked in water in advance, and the surface should be soaked twice after it is dry, so that the tiles will not lack water, and they can be used while fishing, so as to ensure that the tiles are close to each other. Pay attention to the maintenance of the wall with ceramic tiles. If it doesn't rain for a long time in high temperature days, water should be sprayed regularly to ensure that the ceramic tiles remain relatively wet, so as to stick more firmly. In addition to the requirements for Tilers, decoration in summer also has a certain test for carpenters. Because the air is relatively humid in summer, it is easy to cause the deformation of wood products, especially for wood products used on the spot. Regular home decoration companies should be found to carry out construction. They generally have a set of standardized construction process system, and the construction should be carried out in strict accordance with woodworking standards, so that similar quality problems can be avoided




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