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Nowadays, many young fighters work hard for their own humble abode. How should this dream dwelling be decorated

nowadays, many young fighters work hard for their own humble abode. How should this dream dwelling be decorated? In particular, the decoration of walls is not only a face project of home, but also reflects the practical function of home. Is it beautiful wallpaper or environmentally friendly and practical paint? Let's evaluate the performance of wallpaper and paint

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I. environmental performance

first, let's look at environmental performance. The environmental protection performance of wallpapers has been controversial. Wallpapers that have long been common in the market can be divided into two categories: pure paper Wallpapers made of pulp and plastic Wallpapers made of PVC. You see how beautiful the patterns on the wallpapers are, in fact, they are toxic. These patterns need formaldehyde in the printing process, especially the pollution of foamed PVC wallpapers is more serious. But the biggest pollution source of wallpaper decoration is not itself, but must be used in the construction process “ Wallpaper glue ”. Formaldehyde in the glue is sealed in the wall by wallpaper, and the volatilization period can be as long as 3-15 years. Although many high-end wallpapers, such as the icon wallpapers, have specially matched glue, the release of harmful gases is also within the normal range. However, compared with paint, its environmental protection is greatly reduced

as long as the coating is a qualified product, it will not contain formaldehyde. Its main pollution is VOC (organic volatile matter), but VOC is also relatively volatile. Generally, ventilation is no problem after 1 month. And now most of the coatings on the market have basically been upgraded to pure flavor products, and many high-end products like carlys paint “ And ” Bamboo full effect wall paint even has the ability to purify formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances. In fact, you can move in after the paint film is completely dry





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