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Spring is the most suitable season for decoration. Many people want to decorate their homes beautifully after buying a house, but novice decorators have no experience in this regard. What should the industry pay attention to in home decoration

first, design

always think that it is better to decorate your own home or design your own. It is necessary to forget any profession. What you thought was very good at the beginning. In fact, you always pay attention to one thing and lose the other in operation. You either forget the coordination and unification of furniture and decoration, or forget how to control environmental protection indicators. For a moment, the size is not right, for a moment, the color matching is unreasonable, and for a moment, your family always complains. Therefore, it is better to find a professional decoration company for design

II. Quotation

both eyes stared at the number on the quotation, as if the smaller the number, the better. I didn't expect that the world was really a penny for a penny, and there was no free lunch. In the end, the more I felt that the decoration cost was not worth it, and I lost money for small things. Never covet the cheapness of the quotation, and the final gain outweighs the loss

third, decoration

don't choose an irregular construction team because the price is cheap, because there is no place to look for problems. For example, there is hollowing after the floor tiles are paved; The paint cracks on the painted walls and doors cannot be remedied. Since these problems were found after decoration, we need to find a decoration company to deal with them again, but irregular construction teams can't find them at all. Therefore, the owner of home decoration or please find a regular decoration company, so that the quality can be guaranteed

IV. material selection

1. Selection of coating. It is best to choose the paint without fragrance and water-based paint. The following methods can be used to test the quality of the paint

(1) check whether there is settlement, caking or serious stratification. If there is, it indicates that the quality is poor

(2) it is bad to smell smelly and pungent

(3) stir gently with a stick. If the paint stays on the stick for a long time and covers evenly after lifting, it indicates that the quality is good. When painting the wall, pay attention to the treatment of the base course. It is forbidden to use 107 glue, and do not use mixed paint or varnish, otherwise it will cause double pollution of formaldehyde and benzene

2. Selection of wallpaper. Try not to choose monochrome wallpaper, and the environmental protection materials with mixed colors are the best

(1) gold is easy to reflect light, which is harmful to eyes

(2) orange affects the quality of sleep and should not be used in the bedroom, but it can induce appetite and decorate the restaurant

(3) yellow slows down the speed of thinking and should not be used in the study

(4) blue can be used in the bathroom to increase the sense of mystery and privacy

(5) black is too heavy, pink will be upset for a long time, so large-scale use should be avoided





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