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Intel makes artificial intelligence the umbrella of the Amur tiger

a thin steel wire rope can take the lives of wild animals; A road through mountains and forests can affect the surrounding ecological chain; One wire can divide the living space of wild animals...

science and technology make life change with each passing day. From the space universe to the abyss of the vast sea, human steps are getting farther and farther. But while human living space is expanding, the ecosystem of species is shrinking. Predation, environmental pollution and other problems have led to a large number of animals and plants becoming endangered species, or even extinct. When Dolphin Bay was released, it had a huge impact. The blood stained Bay washed people's moral bottom line again and again. However, it is difficult to complete the vast project of species protection only by relying on manpower. As a result, science and technology, which once cut through thorns and thorns and led mankind towards civilization, has become an umbrella for biology and the environment

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when it comes to technology, artificial intelligence technology has attracted the most attention in the past two years. With more and more terminal devices supporting AI, the once recycled plastic granulator needs energy-saving transformation, and important elements of sci-fi movies have come to us, such as AI photography, AI voice assistant, AI beauty, AI object recognition, etc. But compared with these "personal applications", Intel and AI played a bigger game

on July 29, Intel and the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) held a cooperation signing ceremony in Changchun Park, Changchun City, Jilin Province. They jointly announced that they would use Intel artificial intelligence technology to implement the northeast tiger protection project, and protect this endangered wild animal in the world with more advanced innovative technology. This cooperation is also a continuation of Intel's "technology for good" series of projects. Alyson Griffin, vice president of global brand marketing of Intel Corporation, Wang Xin, head of WWF public welfare Cooperation Department, attended the signing ceremony. Mengxianlin, executive deputy director of the national endangered animal management office, zhangshanning, deputy director of the northeast tiger and leopard National Park Administration, Alistair mountain, global head of WWF forest project, liupeiqi, director of WWF Northeast China project, houyanlin, manager of WWF public welfare Cooperation Department and other important guests attended the event

the tiger, playing an important role in Chinese civilization, symbolizes majesty and bravery, such as the tiger amulet in the hands of ancient military generals or the tiger head shoes under the feet of children. The tiger has been passed down to this day in a variety of images. The magnificence of the tiger roaring mountain forest can only be felt with imagination in film and television works or zoos. Wild tigers have been hard to find

the Siberian tiger, also known as Siberian tiger, protected by Intel artificial intelligence technology this time, is the largest extant cat in the world. According to the systematic monitoring of Amur tiger populations in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces in the past five years, the cumulative number of different individuals of Amur tiger in China is close to 47, including 9 breeding families and 16 cubs. It is worth mentioning that thanks to the increasingly improved environmental protection measures, 24 different individuals of Amur tiger were monitored by infrared cameras in 2017. It can be said that the Wild Amur tiger population and its habitat have been improved. In 2010, the global tiger summit with the participation of many heads of state set a goal to double the number of wild tigers in the world by 2022 when the year of the tiger comes again; At the same time, the use of innovative technology to effectively manage and protect wild tigers and their habitats is listed as an important measure

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through the cooperation between Intel and WWF, they have worked together to give full play to their respective advantages and applied artificial intelligence to the monitoring and research of endangered animals, especially the monitoring and protection of Amur tigers. It overcomes the limitations of traditional field monitoring mainly relying on infrared cameras, manual collection, processing and resolution of image data are time-consuming and laborious, important data are difficult to capture in time, poaching cannot be monitored in time, and dynamic and fuzzy images cannot be distinguished and restored

it is reported that the two sides will cooperate to use Intel artificial intelligence technology to explore an overall monitoring and protection scheme for the Northeast Tiger combining front-end and back-end:

all industries, regions and relevant departments will actively use policies such as finance, taxation, finance and credit to support industrial energy conservation and green development.

front end, based on Intel movidius' visual processing equipment, will conduct more accurate monitoring and data collection for the northeast tiger

the back-end is based on Scalable processors, Intel storage media, combined with openmp/mpi parallel optimization technology, MKL DNN (Intel math core library for deep neural network), and tensorflow for Intel Architecture Optimization. It identifies hundreds of images from data analysis, tracks the historical tracks of wild tigers, and realizes all-round monitoring and protection of Amur tigers

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vice president of global brand marketing of Intel Corporation in the past two years, environmental protection has become a key issue of concern to all mankind, and environmental protection efforts are also increasing. The cooperation between WWF and Intel can give better play to the former's accumulated experience in wildlife protection, while Intel can provide more perfect technical support, It includes not only professional equipment, but also leading artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis capability

the protection and monitoring of the Amur tiger can be seen as an integral part of the implementation of Intel's artificial intelligence technology. Technological innovation has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the non-ferrous metal industry. It can not only complete the tracking research of the Amur tiger individuals through the front-end and back-end cooperation, but also further "deduce" the relevant ecological chain of the Amur tiger population through the combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and big data, So as to comprehensively monitor and control the ecological environment of the habitat, improve the monitoring measures, and make the protection work more energy-efficient. In the future, this technology can also be extended to the monitoring, research and protection of other endangered species, so as to maintain biodiversity and provide scientific and technological support for ecosystem security

in addition to strengthening the monitoring and protection of Amur Tigers with WWF this time, Intel falcon8+ unmanned is applied to track polar bears to minimize the impact on the environment, so as to complete the work of capturing polar bear behavior pattern information, so that wildlife and environmental protection researchers can safely, efficiently and accurately collect data; Intel snotbot UAV is applied to collect water spray samples of whales, and take action on the collected data with the help of Intel artificial intelligence technology, so as to accurately grasp the health status of whales and the surrounding marine environment

Alistair month, global director of the forest project of WWF, said, "only by continuously achieving application breakthroughs and continuously solving major challenges in human development and social progress can artificial intelligence demonstrate its great value." Alyson Griffin, vice president of global brand marketing of Intel, said: "We are very pleased to join hands with WWF to solve the challenging problems in the protection of endangered wildlife and population restoration with innovative scientific and technological methods. Let the Amur tiger, a precious natural heritage with unique ecological value, use intelligent technology to improve the living and breeding conditions, and live in harmony with mankind for a long time. This is the goal of Intel 'solving big problems with artificial intelligence'."

Alistair Monet, global director of WWF forest project, said: "This cooperation is an exciting opportunity to set an example for releasing the power of science and technology and helping protect wildlife and the natural environment. Better protecting the forest habitat in Northeast China is not only conducive to the breeding of Amur tigers, but also to protecting other wild species, absorbing carbon dioxide, conserving important water sources, and benefiting residents living in forest areas and surrounding communities."

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