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Intel Yanxiang helps build EIP (embedded) laboratories in Chinese universities

as early as the beginning of this year, Intel revealed its intention to purchase well-known industrial computer products from industrial control production enterprises and donate them to domestic universities to prepare for the construction of EIP (embedded) laboratories. Recently, Intel and Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. formally signed an agreement to purchase 155 industrial PCs from Yanxiang as phase I experimental equipment to sponsor domestic (mainly in Beijing) colleges and universities to establish EIP (Obama's visit to plastic enterprises? Focus on composite materials and 3-D printing embedded) laboratories. In September this year, Intel officially donated 155 industrial PCs to Tsinghua University in Beijing Six universities including Beihang and other universities have been put into use. Meanwhile, the senior technical managers of Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. who mediate, resolve and upgrade the economic stress of the people, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, will conduct in-depth training on the later use of the products

Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has always been one of the important partners of Intel in Chinese Mainland. After investigating many EIP manufacturers at home and abroad, Intel believes that the product quality of Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. meets its requirements, and agrees that Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has enough ability to carry out later technical training on product use, Start the first phase of shopping

intel and Yanxiang will solve the shortage of investment in EIP (embedded) laboratory construction in domestic universities, promote the practical ability of college students in extracurricular activities, cultivate high-quality talents who combine theory and practice in the new century, realize the strong combination of enterprises and universities, and save the limited teaching and experimental funds of the school as a widely used testing equipment. At the same time, Intel took the 155 industrial computer products of Yanxiang as the procurement object for the first phase of the preparatory Laboratory of the University donated by it during the year, which fully affirmed the development of the 3D printing industry of Yanxiang's product quality and technical strength. It is believed that this move will promote the rapid development of EIP technology in China in the future

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