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Intelligentization helps manufacturing enterprises "accelerate"

in the face of the new situation, more and more traditional manufacturing enterprises begin to transform and upgrade to promote high-quality development. In the transformation and upgrading, product innovation, production capacity innovation, industrial model innovation and manufacturing system integration innovation have become the main directions, and intelligence has become the key word

not long ago, Xinjiang Bozhou huilipu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. made the experimental machine unable to operate normally. The company held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony and signed an order of 130million yuan with three enterprises, including Zhongshan Sanji Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

it is understood that in the intelligent manufacturing workshop of huilipu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the staff only need to set the production code for the equipment, and can produce high-precision electronic information products such as LED chips and semiconductors by relying on intelligent manufacturing and nano process design

the volume of China's manufacturing industry is relatively large, but with the increase of labor, raw materials and other costs, the profit space of traditional manufacturing industry is also shrinking. Facing the new situation, more and more traditional manufacturing enterprises begin to transform and upgrade to promote high-quality development. In the transformation and upgrading, innovation intelligence has become a key word

in order to promote the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, 816 national intelligent manufacturing pilot projects have been approved at the national level, and 537 intelligent manufacturing industrial parks have been built at the local level. At present, China has shown strong vitality in the field of intelligent manufacturing. In 2018, the output value exceeded 1748billion yuan, and the consumption of industrial robots in China has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years

new power and new engine of economic transformation

intelligentization has improved labor productivity. The original production line required at least 8 people, but now it has been reduced by half. Xinjiang Tianshan elevator manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a traditional manufacturing enterprise. After the introduction of automatic robot production lines, the enterprise has a stronger momentum of development. In its elevator door panel assembly line workshop, pieces of steel pass through the production line and become an elevator door panel five minutes later. Songzhengwei, director of the production workshop, said: in the past, we could not do 100 pieces a day, but now we can produce about 250 door panels a day

with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, more and more enterprises in China begin to promote intelligent workshops. We have accelerated our march towards intelligent manufacturing and built the first intelligent factory for high-purity crystalline silicon materials in China. The production efficiency has been increased by 28%, the operating cost has been reduced by 25%, the product development cycle has been shortened by 30%, and the energy utilization rate has been increased by 15%. The relevant person in charge of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd. said

the manufacturing industry in inland cities is promoting intelligent production, while some coastal enterprises have already taken the lead. Shishi, located in the coastal area, is one of the major food production bases in China. Soon after the introduction of Hongyi food Shishi base, its importance has been recognized. The intelligent manufacturing production line has invested 200million yuan. The production efficiency has been greatly improved, but the number of workers has been reduced by half. The most important thing is that the product quality has been greatly improved due to the more accurate feeding, formulation, mixing and steaming processes

the most obvious thing is that there are fewer people on the production line. Not only the labor cost is saved, but also the production efficiency is improved, further enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise. In the interview, many business leaders said that although the investment in intelligent production lines is high, from the perspective of long-term development, intelligence has become a new power and engine for economic transformation

in the past few years, the intellectualization of China's manufacturing industry has been advancing steadily. According to the data, in the first half of 2019, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 6% year-on-year, of which the added value of manufacturing industry increased by 6.4% year-on-year, while the added value of high-tech manufacturing industry increased by 9%, 3 percentage points higher than that of all manufacturing industries. With the gradual improvement of technology and the continuous expansion of application industry, the market scale will continue to grow. Some institutions predict that the market scale will exceed 1.9 trillion yuan in 2019

top level design helps the development

intelligence is certainly the development trend. We also want to go on the intelligent production line, but the investment is too large. The person in charge of a small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprise in Urumqi said that at present, we can only take the road of industrial upgrading, machine replacement and intelligent manufacturing, or we can only give up the old industries and enter the emerging industries

it is understood that the high investment cost has become the main obstacle for the current transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to improve the air flow and the heat exchange capacity of the heater and air meter condenser. In response to these problems, the state has issued relevant incentive policies. In terms of top-level design, there are plans such as the 12th Five year development plan for intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and the intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020). In terms of specific policies, the intelligent manufacturing development plan (), the industrial interconnection development action plan, the guiding opinions of the State Council on deepening the interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry to develop industrial interconnection, and the guiding opinions on promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy have also been issued in succession

local governments have also issued relevant policies to accelerate the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing

in view of the insufficient technical reserves of some enterprises, it is often difficult to adopt physical or chemical modification technologies to implement intelligent manufacturing if they want to move or dare not to invest. Some provinces also organize expert teams to go deep into enterprises in the form of government purchase of services, so as to diagnose the path of enterprises' implementation of intelligent manufacturing for free. Let manufacturing become intelligent manufacturing. Under the guidance of national policies, more and more enterprises join the ranks of technological transformation

building the whole industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing

insiders pointed out that the transformation of intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend and an important direction for the future development of manufacturing industry. Future production lines must be efficient, energy-saving and responsive to cope with uncertain external environment changes

it is understood that, while promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Urumqi has also stepped up the layout of upstream and downstream enterprises around intelligent manufacturing leading enterprises with strong innovation ability, outstanding main business, good product market prospects and great driving effect on the industry, and will gradually build a complete range of high-end intelligent manufacturing industry chain. Recently, the high-end intelligent manufacturing base of Xinjiang Zhongke controllable Information Industry Co., Ltd. was settled in the scientific innovation valley of Urumqi high tech Zone. After the settlement, some upstream and downstream enterprises followed

intelligent manufacturing not only drives industrial upgrading, but also extends the industrial chain and promotes high-quality economic development. Among the ranks of promoting industrial intelligence in Quanzhou, there are both light industry and heavy industry. Taking advantage of its own industrial advantages, Quanzhou petrochemical industry has basically formed a leading industry with high correlation and complete supporting facilities, including oil refining and chemical industry, chemical fiber textile, clothing and footwear, light industrial equipment, etc

intelligent upgrading is carried out on the original basis. At present, the boundary between automation and information manufacturers has become increasingly blurred, which also indicates that intelligent development has achieved some results. For the future of intelligent manufacturing, industry insiders pointed out that its connotation is very far-reaching. It is necessary to start from a small point to find and meet customers' upgrading needs. Resource integration has become the only way for intelligent upgrading. In addition, the transformation and upgrading is to realize the transformation from resource and manpower intensive to technology and intelligence intensive, and move forward from low-end and low-quality basic needs to high-end and high-quality high-quality high-quality needs

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