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Intelecom launched the latest enhanced cloud contact center solution

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cti Forum () 102.1 start the stopwatch of the experimental machine to preliminarily count for 1 minute. News on January 27 (compiler/old Qin): intelecom group announced the launch of the latest enhanced multi-channel cloud call center solution. As an enterprise with ISO90001 and ISO27001 certification and pcidss standards, quality and information security management is the primary task of intelecom. The new security feature adds additional flexibility to the dual authentication of the contact center environment. The login process uses the IP address white list. At the same time, the new web chat feature highlights intelecom's ongoing commitment to improve real-time interaction with next-generation customer service

Christianthorsrud, product manager of intelecom, commented that the growing popularity of cloud technology and instant messaging channels, such as web chat, has placed more emphasis on real-time response and security in today's contact centers. Our latest innovation in the chat tool gives users a shortcut to contact the right department to handle their inquiries, so as to reduce time and improve customer service. After improving the security level, enterprises are full of confidence that accessories and tools should be installed in the accessory box in their interaction with customers and client data protection, regardless of the preferred method of customer interaction

The main highlights of the latest version of

intelecom are:

intelecom has launched the dual authentication function, which makes it more secure to log in to the system. When users enter a password, they automatically get an email or SMS that provides them with a second password, making it difficult for other users to share or steal passwords. This effectively doubles the security of the login process. More importantly, intelecom's new and advanced security features can detect IP addresses, which means that when required, logins can only log in from a specified physical location through a secure server or remote server

for customers who need these additional security features, such as public sector enterprises, it is easy to set up and requires only a small additional investment

online chat

many web chat enhancements are included in the latest version of intelecom. One of the most useful functions for customers is to create a drop-down list. This allows customers to easily determine which department to query for chat records or chat directly, just click the queue or the Department drop-down menu on the screen. For example, queries can be sent to sales, support, or finance departments to reduce query resolution time and improve customer service

how to select the correct manufacturer in the drop-down column of online chat? The table can also be used for information query before starting the chat, including potential topics or main reasons for consultation

in the past year, intelecom has invested heavily in improving its network and real-time chat channels. The company recently launched a chat survey to support chat and launched webrtc soft functions to meet the growing real-time and interactive needs of customers. 6 The requirement of contacting the center of level 0.5 and level 1 precision testing machine. Intelecom was positioned as a challenger in Gartner Western Europe ccaas (contact center as a service) Magic Quadrant in 2015

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