The hottest Intel new UMPC will replace hard disk

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Intel's new UMPC will replace hard disk with solid-state storage

it is predicted that donlarson, product manager of Intel, said at the Intel event held in San Francisco that the company's upcoming UMPC platform will be equipped with solid-state storage chips to meet the increasing storage capacity needs of mobile office workers

the PATA (paralleladvancedtechnologyattachment) interface solid-state memory chip with model z-p140 will be provided to retailers as an optional module with fierce competition in the lithium-ion battery industry, which can be embedded in the mainboard of Menlow platform. Menlow platform also includes silverthorne processor and Poulsbo chipset. UMPC based on this platform will be delivered in the first half of 2008

the solid-state memory chip weighs only 0.6g and has 2GB and 4GB capacities. Solid state memory chips consume less power than hard disks because they have no moving parts, so they are very suitable for mobile devices

troywinslow, Intel's marketing manager, said that the capacity of the solid-state enclosure will be expanded to 64GB within two years

Intel will also display UMPC developed by ASUS, BenQ, Lenovo and other companies using Menlow architecture at the consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas next January. Menlow was at the Intel Information Technology Summit in Beijing in April this year The universal testing machine is launched by fastening screws with stirring plates and diagonal samples on the main shaft. The Moorestown platform planned to be launched in 2009 is its follow-up product

Intel also demonstrated the next generation Centrino in this event. The new Centrino will include a high-energy core2duo processor manufactured by 45nm process and Intel gm965express chipset. Intel said the new mobile system will achieve higher processor performance and include a new instruction set to improve the video display quality of notebook computers

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