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Intellectual property protection opens a new era of textile machinery development

in order to promote the healthy development of the textile machinery industry, encourage enterprises to actively innovate and effectively protect their innovative achievements, on October 18, the seminar on "innovation and intellectual property strategy" jointly organized by China Textile Machinery Association and Japan Textile Machinery Association was held in the conference room in the exhibition hall. Senior executives of well-known enterprises in the industry such as Toyota automatic loom and Murata Machinery Co., Ltd., China Jingwei Co., Ltd., Cixing Co., Ltd., and SANTONI, Italy, as well as persons in charge of intellectual property rights of technical machines attended the meeting, and introduced the achievements of enterprise technological innovation and intellectual property protection around the theme of the meeting. Wangshutian, President of China Textile Machinery Association, Masayoshi Wanjing, special director of Japan Textile Machinery Association and other relevant leaders and guests attended the meeting

2018 is the key year for China to implement the 13th five year plan and the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. Innovation has become an important driving force to promote the construction of a powerful country, and intellectual property protection has entered a new transition period. Over the years, the major textile machinery enterprises in China, Japan and Europe have been actively committed to actively exploring technological innovation on the basis of mutual respect for their respective intellectual property rights, making continuous efforts for the further development of the textile machinery industry, and the acquisition and protection of intellectual property rights is the basis for these

for the textile machinery industry, what are the achievements of intellectual property protection of large enterprises in China? How can intellectual property enhance the competitiveness of enterprises? What are the experiences and lessons of excellent enterprises in the industry? At this meeting, senior executives of enterprises of the three countries and heads of relevant institutions had in-depth exchanges

Lou Xianying, a partner from the Shanghai Branch of Du law firm, focused on the theme of "intellectual property to enhance the competitiveness of textile machinery enterprises", shared through typical cases how to make effective patent applications, the importance of patent applications, and the binding force of industry associations and practices. According to louxianying, from 2011 to 2017, the number of invention patent applications in China ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years, and patent applications in the textile machinery industry also increased significantly. She believes that patent competition helps enterprises to improve their technical level, increase the quantity and quality of patents, constantly fit the direction of enterprise technology development, make the value of intangible assets higher, obtain more resources, and finally make enterprises more competitive

zhangshenglin, an analyst of "Murata machine" zhuochuang information, said that Oshima Xiu, head of the Intellectual Property Department of the Machinery Co., Ltd., shared around innovation and intellectual property. According to Oshima, Murata Machinery Co., Ltd. started from textile machinery in 1935 and has been expanding. At present, it has four relatively independent branches and has set up a separate research and development department. In the textile field, its equipment includes automatic winder and vortex spinning machine. It is reported that in order to improve the intellectual property protection ability of the company, the company has set up an intellectual property department, which is mainly responsible for patent application, training and re education of new people, and investigating the R & D and patent application of other companies. In addition, he also introduced the company's new projects

jinhongjian, deputy director of the technology center of Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., said in his speech at the meeting that technological innovation and product development need to invest a lot of money, manpower and equipment. Only by applying for patent protection can we have the exclusive right to the innovation achievements of the enterprise, obtain the initiative in market competition, and bring real economic benefits to the enterprise. Jingwei has always attached great importance to the protection of its own innovation achievements. At present, the group has 1085 patents, and 175 new patents were added in 2016 and 2017. In particular, the independently innovated combing and combining machine has realized the direct connection of combing and combining logistics, filled the gap in the domestic industry, and is in line with the continuous and intelligent development direction of China's textile industry

Shinichi deep, head of Intellectual Property Department of Toyota automatic loom, shared the history and intellectual property strategy of Toyota automatic loom. It is reported that Toyota was founded in 1926. The vision of the intellectual property department is to ensure the freedom and advantages of the cause by creating, protecting and using intellectual property. For the work of intellectual property, when the company applies for new intellectual property rights, it and film anti adhesion function become the quantitative evaluation target of plastic film openness, it will continue to optimize the intellectual property rights it holds, and constantly enrich the enterprise's patented technology through the development of the company's business and the development trend of other companies

as the world's largest manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machines, Cixing is also the first drafter of two national industrial standards. According to Li Lijun, vice president of Cixing Co., Ltd., the company has applied for more than 1200 patents of various types, including 116 authorized invention patents. At present, Cixing group's industrial ecological layout includes industrial robot industry, computer flat knitting machine industry, seamless underwear machine industry, silk stocking machine industry, intelligent warehouse industry, generally speaking, automatic forming line industry, automatic eye-to-eye sewing machine industry, vamp machine industry, etc

Li Nuo, vice president of SANTONI (Shanghai) knitting machine Co., Ltd., said that SANTONI group has continuously invested in China for 15 years, and has fully felt that the Chinese government has handled intellectual property disputes fairly and fairly with an open attitude in these 15 years. In the textile industry, especially in the clothing field, innovation is the foundation for survival in the fierce market competition. In order to cooperate with the innovation of customers' products, SANTONI's machines are also constantly innovated and upgraded

it has been tested and tested by a third-party authoritative national testing institution

although it was less than three hours' meeting, the theme of the meeting is what China's textile machinery industry must pay attention to and deeply understand for its sustainable development. Today, with the accelerating pace of innovation in China's textile machinery industry, how to innovate more effectively and how to protect the rights and interests of their own innovation achievements are important contents related to the development of enterprises. It is expected that more enterprises can build their new advantages with more innovation achievements in their own development fields

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