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Intel accelerates the transformation from PC to embedded

editor's note: IDF (Intel Developer Forum) officially called for the automatic end face positioning of samples on the 13th. At the media conference on the 12th, Intel China research institute decided to focus on cloud computing and embedded fields this year

focus on breakthroughs in new high-performance drag reduction coating technology, ship bottom air lubrication drag reduction technology, etc.

Intel is undergoing a major transformation process. Can the traditional ia architecture enter a broader emerging intelligent market such as medical treatment, safety, automobile, etc? This is a 10 billion market, which is also a more fierce market. Now this PC chip giant is speeding up its step from PC microprocessor supplier to the broad embedded market

the IDF (Intel Developer Forum), known as the IT weathervane, was officially held on the 13th. At the media conference on the 12th, Intel China research institute decided to focus on cloud computing and embedded fields this year

China is the world's largest embedded market

Intel global CT o Justin pointed out that since Intel China R & D center was upgraded to Intel China Research Institute last October, Intel has spent six months to develop new research strategies

finally chose the following fields as the direction: cloud computing, high-performance computers, automobiles, health care, games and others. The common theme of these fields is the frontier research of embedded systems

why is embedded the main direction of attack? Justin said that the Chinese market is the largest and fastest-growing embedded market in the world, with an annual growth rate of 48%

the rapidly growing handheld, consumer electronics and embedded markets in China have provided a huge technical growth and market for Intel IA architecture

it is reported that Intel China Research Institute has a high position in the world. Intel Research Institute has five research institutes. Intel China Research Institute is the only R & D center named by region. Intel China research institute faces the Chinese and global markets

analysts said that Chinese Mainland has replaced the North American market as Intel's largest regional market in terms of annual revenue. Intel's operation was good in the first quarter. One of the reasons is that the PC and Nb in mainland China are selling well during the lunar new year. The three convergence will bring more opportunities to it

aim at IOT standard

arm architecture's leading position in the field of communication and industrial control is difficult to shake for a while. There are also a lot of rookies emerging in Asia who can produce cheap chip solutions. Whether Intel can maintain its chip dominance is still full of uncertainty. Long Zhixi of Intel China Research Institute also believes that the embedded market has very different characteristics from the PC market. Embedded is a highly differentiated market with high competition and rapid development. The price differentiation is also obvious, and it is sensitive to energy consumption. In terms of demand, it is mainly customized applications and integrated system solutions. You need to pay attention to the small shipment volume in these places, the need for extremely fast time to market, and energy consumption driven by price. Connectivity

Fang Zhixi introduced that the technical challenges Intel faces in this regard mainly include the application level, emerging embedded applications and algorithms and related requirements. Communication level, connectivity required by ubiquitous applications and services and efficient communication system software level: system software with comprehensive performance suitable for large-scale applications, programming models and rapid software development. Hardware architecture level: fast architecture exploration and flexible and optimal i/o level of integrated reusable components, and fast combination of newly added embedded peripheral components

in Intel's ID f this time, IOT is another theme word. Intel believes that the next wave of innovation in transportation is to be solved through information technology, and the development of IOT film blowing machines widely used in various industries requires a rich and standardized ecological environment. In order to meet Intel's diversification strategy and the needs of emerging markets, Intel has made many significant improvements in processor design in recent years. In addition to the new generation a Tom, which was released earlier to integrate the drawing unit and memory controller into the CPU core, it is expected that a series of embedded solutions will be released this year

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