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Intel webrtc technology accelerates the development of real-time communication

at this year's winter Davos Economic Forum, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Internet giant Google, boldly predicted at the symposium that the current form of Internet will disappear in the future world. What will come into being will be a highly personalized, interactive and interesting world -- the era of IOT is coming. According to the Research Report 1 released by strategy analytics, a market research institution, by 2020, the number of global Internet terminals will reach 33billion, equivalent to three times today. It also brings huge business opportunities to the IOT market. The report shows that by 2022, the global IOT market will reach a revenue of 320billion US dollars

however, communication technology is the key factor to promote the development of IOT. Among many communication technologies, real-time communication is the most difficult one. It not only needs to avoid network delay, but also maintain the stability of the connection and ensure the quality of video and audio. Webrtc is a very convenient tool to realize real-time communication. Therefore, in order to better support the page browser for real-time voice conversation or video conversation and meet the increasingly urgent needs of users for real-time communication, Intel recently released version 2.8.1 of Intel collaborative communication development kit for webrtc, which not only expands and upgrades the functions, but also provides more powerful support for developers

expand webrtc technology and bring wider application

webrtc (web based real time communication) is an open audio and video communication protocol jointly developed by w3c/ietf, and is considered to be one of the key technologies to realize the integrated communication strategy. According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, the number of terminal devices supporting webrtc will reach 6.7 billion by 2019. Due to its excellent communication quality and seamless application embedded capability, webrtc based communication solutions have been deployed and used by many well-known enterprises around the world in recent years

Intel collaboration suite for webrtc is a complete audio and video communication software solution built on the webrtc standard. It can easily realize one-to-one, one to many and many to many communication modes. It is deeply optimized for Intel's platform and supports PC, Android and IOS clients at the same time. Intel collaborative communication development kit for webrtc has been widely used in European, American and Asia Pacific markets, including video social networking, live broadcasting, telemedicine, E-teaching, video monitoring, enterprise collaboration, wearable devices, smart home, etc

version 2.8.1 of Intel collaborative communication development suite for webrtc released this time mainly includes: Intel collaborative communication development suite conference server - not only supports point-to-point communication, but also provides video conferencing based on efficient page real-time communication (webrtc); SIP oriented Intel collaborative communication development suite gateway server - provides webrtc terminal access for SIP conferences; Intel collaborative communication development kit client software development kit (SDK) - supports the development of corresponding webrtc applications using javascript* API, Android java* API and IOS Objective-C * API respectively

the latest version of Intel collaborative communication development kit for webrtc not only provides SDK based on Android system and JavaScript, but also adds a client SDK based on 5 (6) IOS systems that can be output by some domestic manufacturers, and begins to support stretching, tightening, twisting, peeling, tearing, puncturing, bursting Analysis of the static physical and mechanical performance test of the shear and other experiments; high-speed H.264 video codec. In addition, new APIs are also provided for developers on JavaScript and Android CLIENT SDK to obtain real-time network statistics of webrtc connections; It also adds support for multi stream output of MCU conference room, which can output more than two mixed video streams with different resolutions to adapt to different users or devices; It can also provide more flexible media recording methods, and support the selection of audio or video from different media streams to complete joint recording; The acceleration feature of the media codec based on Intel Architecture is used to further help webrtc improve the system processing power

promote real-time communication solutions to benefit the society

Intel collaborative communication development suite for webrtc makes full use of Intel Architecture and technologies, such as Intel iris pro, Intel visual computing accelerator and Intel hardware acceleration CODEC/decoder, to enable Intel collaborative communication development suite to achieve higher video quality. Michael Greene, vice president of Intel Corporation and general manager of the system technology and optimization Department of the software and services division, said that with the release of version 2.8.1 of the Intel collaborative communication development suite for webrtc, our customers can develop more innovative real-time communication solutions on the platform of the Intel collaborative communication development suite, including an estimated 1/5 of each cell in education, medical treatment, video conferencing and other fields

in China, the biggest problem facing education is the uneven distribution of education. Due to the uneven level of economic development, there is a huge gap in educational resources between rich cities and poor villages. As the leader of China's video technology, China Guangshang Yang hopes to shorten this gap through its own technology. Mr. Wang, general manager of China Guangdong Shangyang Education Division, said that the coating on plastic substrate can be cured quickly. Ning said: we are very honored to join forces with Intel to help Chinese educational institutions establish new applications such as interactive classes and courier classes through the reform of educational technology and solve the problem of educational balance in China through the deep integration of Intel's webrtc technology and Shangyang's core technology - video and audio processing. Finally, we hope that through this technological progress, more students can enjoy the opportunity of fair learning, and knowledge can change their destiny

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