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How much does it cost to decorate the house? It must be a problem that most owners are very concerned about but can't really understand, especially for people who decorate for the first time. Ms. Li of the southern Pearl recently found a quotation suitable for her home through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network. The total amount is about 40000, less than 41000, and the price is appropriate. In order to facilitate the reference of more decoration owners, with the consent of Ms. Li, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network specially sorted out the quotation and looked at it together

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[information on the 89 square meter A2 house type of South Pearl phase IV]

house type structure: two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

style: Modern and simple

decoration method: half package

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[the South Pearl phase IV A2 house type of 89 square meters is shown below]

[the South Pearl phase IV A2 house type of 89 square meters decoration model room display]

[the latest decoration quotation of the South Pearl phase IV A2 house type of 89 square meters]

specific analysis of the quotation:

as we said earlier, the total quotation is about 40000, It's less than 41 thousand. According to the latest quotation in Wuhan, it's still cost-effective. First of all, the owners of hydropower projects attach great importance to the construction technology. Naturally, the water pipes and wires should be of brand level. Secondly, the wiring problem needs special attention. Because it is a basic problem, the cost is also the highest in the whole quotation. In the guest restaurant, although it is American style, the owners still choose to give priority to simplicity in terms of ceiling, and the chandeliers can be enriched. In addition, the owners of TV background wall choose marble material. The quotation of the primary and secondary bedrooms is mainly used in the design of cabinets and bay windows. It can be seen that the cost of the living room and the primary bedroom is relatively close. It is imagined that the owner also pays great attention to the rest area

in fact, there are many ways of decoration, not just half package. For example, for owners who are busy with their work and have no time to manage the decoration, full package decoration is also a good choice, but in any case, the quotation should be carefully reviewed in the early stage of decoration. Well, friends who are busy with decoration recently might as well come to the official website of Wuhan home decoration network and choose their favorite decoration company through Wuhan Decoration bidding. What are you waiting for? High quality and good decoration, all in Wuhan home decoration network! Please click for details. In addition, foreman 360, an e-commerce decoration platform cooperating with Wuhan home decoration network, will hold a week-long two-year anniversary celebration from October 16 to October 23, and will be present to reimburse the fare, give high-end pillows, and give 10000 yuan home appliance gifts upon deposit More benefits are waiting for you to take home. For details, please click: http://wh.gz360.com/gzj.html Understand

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