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Now most of the houses sold by developers are rough, and there are few fine decoration. Most people have little left after buying a house. Lack of money is a common problem faced by many people who have just bought a house when they are decorating. Xicai reminds you that you don't have to worry about the decoration money. If you are short of money, you can choose the decoration loan with long term and fast approval

the expected annualized interest rate of the loan is at least 0.75%, and it is promised not to charge any intermediary fees. The same amount and the same three-step application can quickly match the credit manager in one minute. The threshold is lower, the rate is lower, and the variety is richer. It is suggested that you apply for the entrance of Xicai cat:

home decoration loan is a RMB loan issued by the bank to individuals for home decoration of self owned houses. The loan has been launched in many banks, and the loan must be provided with effective pledge, mortgage or third-party guarantee. Generally, banks only use mortgage loans. In principle, the loan amount for home decoration shall not exceed 150000 yuan, and shall not exceed 70% of the total cost of the decoration project. The loan term shall not exceed 5 years at most. The expected annualized interest rate of the loan shall be implemented in accordance with the expected annualized interest rate stipulated by the people's Bank of China

now let's learn about the decoration loan process

1. Fill in the personal housing decoration loan application form

2. Provide valid certificates and copies (resident identity card, household register and other valid residence certificates)

3. Contract for home decoration works

4. Proof of economic income recognized by the bank

5. Provide house ownership certificate or house purchase and sale contract or commercial house pre-sale contract

6. Mortgage guarantee materials: mortgage list, ownership certificate (mortgage commitment of property owner), mortgage valuation report

7. Finally, what is the decoration loan process waiting for the bank's approval?

we already know that the object of the family decoration loan is the residents who have full civil capacity, own their own houses in the location and have effective residency. The following procedures (mortgage loan) must be handled when applying for housing decoration loan in the bank. We still choose the loan method suitable for ourselves. (recommended by Xicai)

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