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Modern Chinese furniture is a combination of traditional culture and modern culture, which has been well inherited and developed on the basis of traditional culture. The core of modern architecture and furniture culture is to express traditional culture and art in modern ways, meet the psychological needs of modern people, and further better inherit traditional art. Next, let's learn about the inventory of modern Chinese furniture brands

inventory of modern Chinese furniture brands Huari furniture

the company is located in the middle of Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Expressway — Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the company's production base covers an area of more than 1300 mu, with a construction area of more than 500000 square meters, more than 5000 employees, and sales outlets in 1000 cities across the country. It is a company engaged in civil sofa software, mattresses, home accessories and other furniture

name of modern Chinese furniture brand inventory Ding Tan

name ding Tan has been adhering to “ Inheritance and innovation, interpretation of Tan rhyme ” As a high-end mahogany furniture brand, it is a good modern Chinese furniture brand to apply the essence of Ming and Qing mahogany furniture to modern art

Nanyang Hu was founded in 1993. The company is located in Tianjin Beichen Peng'an Industrial Park. It is an enterprise producing solid wood furniture, office furniture and high-end furniture. After years of development, Nanyang Hu has become a leader in the furniture industry

Federal furniture in the inventory of modern Chinese furniture brands

Federal furniture was founded in 1984 and is known as an evergreen in the furniture industry. Federal furniture has also created a leading brand in the furniture industry and become a leading enterprise in China's furniture industry. The furniture style is mainly modern

Huafeng furniture is a Chinese furniture brand with a 50 year entrepreneurial history. It is an enterprise mainly producing modern style furniture brands. It also passed the ISO9001 management system certification in 2002 and was rated as a Chinese famous brand product by the China Quality Inspection Bureau in 2006, enjoying a high reputation in the Chinese furniture industry

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